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SnoreMD is a product that delivers on the promise to stop snoring by offering an effective and affordable solution for those who snore. It is manufactured in the United States and cleared by the Food and Drug Administration and available for US Export Certification. The product also protects from bruxism using materials of the highest quality. SnoreRx is the first generation of products in this line with SnoreMD being the next generation product designed for increased comfort and flexibility for the user. SnoreMD incorporates CIRO leading edge design technology. Medical studies published by the American Society of Sleep Medicine have established conclusively that the advancement of the lower jaw forward using a mouth guard keep the airway open during sleep. Maintaining an open airway eliminates snoring. SnoreMD is a mouthguard or intraoral device designed to reduce snoring to keep open the patient's airway, comprises two parts, (tray upper and lower jaw), which are connected and have patented a mechanism which allows forward lower tray precise increments of 1 mm, no moving parts or metal. The device is made of medical grade plastic polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) manufactured by Bayer Chemical, Germany, and is coated with a medical grade polymer sensitive to heat (Elvax) manufactured by DuPont Chemical. It is certified as non-toxic and bio-compatible manufactured in accordance with ISO 13485 which ensures good manufacturing standards according to established standards.